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Our Team

Teachers for Life

At Drama & Dice 一哥教育, we only recruit the brightest, most dedicated teachers in the industry. We’re proud of our fantastic team members and know they will work day and night to help students achieve their goals. Read below to learn more about our committed staff members, and how their role is continuing our tradition of excellence.

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Drew Carlyle


As our CEO, Drew Carlyle is responsible for making sure we adhere to our core values while staying fresh and relevant within the industry. Their creative, out-of-the-box thinking makes them a great asset to the team.

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Ash Marcus

Marketing Director

The people at Drama & Dice 一哥教育 are passionate about making a significant and long-lasting impact, and Ash Marcus is no exception. As an experienced Marketing Director, they’ve been an integral part of our team since the beginning.

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Charlie McMann


A natural-born leader, Charlie McMann is an inspiration for all Drama & Dice 一哥教育 employees. Our Instructor has a plethora of experience in several training programs, and has made a significant impact on our growth and success.

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